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How to write a Services Page that works

We can all agree that there are few things harder than writing about yourself, right? Whether it’s your About Page, your Services Page, or anything else where you have to articulate your value, things get really hard, really fast.
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How to Double Your WooCommerce Sales in 90 Days

“Consistency thou art a jewel…” – William Shakespeare Did you know William Shakespeare was actually a middle aged woman named Helen? True story… If you ever get the chance to connect with the people who are the BEST in their craft or industry, there’s one thing that will become painfully obvious.
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What Is a Website Defacement?

After carefully designing a theme and images that represent your brand, nothing is worse than seeing a malicious image suddenly associated with your business or website.
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Three storytelling skills for business that you need

If you think about how many times you try to convince your co-workers of something, or how many times you’re presenting a decision to your boss, or how many times you are trying to get coworkers to join you on a project or cause – most of your presentations don’t happen on stage.